November 2016

See the below letter from Cornell Brooks, President, NAACP. Our support is needed more than ever.


Surely, America can do better. 

The recent election has revitalized hate and racism in ways we haven't seen in a long time. So much so, that President-elect Donald Trump feels comfortable nominating a racist we've fought against decades ago for a federal judgeship. Even worse Trump has named a person supported by Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists as his chief strategist.

These are not normal times, and we need your support to keep in check those who want more

Estes Slade, Member, NBDC - I live in close proximity to Interstate 85, in Greenville, South Carolina. Because of location I am in walking distance to shops and restaurants, most of which I can reach from my motorized wheelchair. Traveling via motorized wheelchair affords me the convenience of not having to transfer from car to manual chair.

Unfortunately there is one, possibly deadly, drawback to this convenience: distracted drivers operating silent hybrid, or electric, vehicles.

I knew that traffic was light on weekends so during an errand run in August of 2016 I thought the trip would be quick and easy. The Bi-lo supermarket is less than a mile from my apartment. more

15-year-old athlete with autism running a 5K was assaulted by a man who apparently thought the teen was going to rob his wife, the Washington Post reports.

Chase Coleman loved being part of his cross-country team, and his mother, Clarice, said that she fully supported his passion. She is thankful that the nearly nonverbal, autistic teen had found “his sport,” more