September 2017

Event details:

Thursday, September 28,, 12:30-2:30pm

University of San Francisco | Lone Mountain 100 | Handerly Room

Leroy Moore will be reading a selection from Black DIsabled Art History 101. He will be joined by India Harville, a disabled dancer from Oakland, who is featured in the book. India will be both performing and discussing art and performance as integral to disability justice.

Black Disabled Art History 101: Disability representation in children's literature typically fulfills common stereotypes of disability as deficit, more

Ms. Cokely’s article expresses some of the varied issues of Black disabled people and their families. 

These issues impact the Black disabled population across social and economic backgrounds, from the experienced 40 year advocate who knows the system well, yet cannot gain approval for a mobility device now that aging prohibits mobility. 

There are the family members who write us about gaining access to needed services for their young and adult children.  In a most recent case, after years of arguing with a provider more