March 2018

Leroy Moore interviewed our future when he interviewed Black ten-year-old writer, poet and author, Amali Maxine Phillips. Introducing the next generation of Black disabled poets and artists; Amali Maxine Phillips!

LM: When did you begin writing poetry?

Amali Maxine Phillips: Well, I started when I was five, and I wrote my first poem in church.

LM: OK, thank you. Why did you decide to give the sales of your book to homeless people?

Amali Maxine Phillips: Well, I live in New York, and I’m around a lot of people in need. So, I thought well, I really want to help. So, when I wrote the more


This article situates recent policy proposals designed to expand the technological surveillance and policing of the "wandering" tendencies ascribed to autistic subjects in relationship to longer histories involving the surveillance of blackness and disability, and maintains that that such proposals are inadequate to sustaining the persistence and flourishing of autistic and other neurologically divergent forms-of-life. Drawing from discussions of the politics of bodily movement in black studies, performance theory, and the emerging discourses of neurodiversity, the essay argues for the necessity of cultivating alternative approaches to conceptualizing, representing, more