NBDC  makes me proud to be Black and Disabled.  I'm proud to have partnered with NBDC. 

Rev. Calvin Peterson, Founder/Director
Disabled in Action
Atlanta, Georgia



"The National Black Disability Coalition examines the intersections of race and disability, with goals that promote unity, equity and opportunity for and among black people with disabilities. Their website offers educational resources, inclusion toolkits, and a history of black disabled people." 


Michelle R. Nario-Redmond, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Hiram College  


"I can't express my gratitude for the support, care and understanding I have received.  I could not have done this without the help of NBDC. Thank you for all that you do for persons with disabilities."

Robin Wilson Young



"As a black women raising a young man with a disability , I crave knowledge like this I want him to know his history .. know the role black and brown folks with disabilities in garnering civil rights for numerous people in this country . We never hear these names. Thank you for posting this."  

Talina Jones



"Thank you for your scholarly, inquiry/informative site.  I will be directing students to your site as a resource this semester."

D. Fisher
Africana Studies
San Diego State University
"Thank you NBDC for relentlessly supporting Rose and her family."

"And, THANK YOU, Jane for supporting this family and for guiding me; but most of all, for selflessly dedicating your time, your energy and your life to this work."

Safiyyah Amiina Amina 
Muslim Liaison
Disability Advocate