College-bound Blind and Visually Impaired High School Grads

College-bound Blind and Visually Impaired High School Grads

February 10, 2017 - College Success @ Perkins is a new, nine-month program for blind and visually impaired high school graduates who are college bound.  This selective program is for seniors planning to go to a two- or four-year college or students who have spent a few semesters in college and are looking to hone their skills and return to college prepared for success. This residential program at the world-renowned Perkins School prepares students for success in college, career and life. It was designed with an emphasis on: 

  • Building the foundation for a successful college experience: A defined application process track and individualized, one-on-one help will ease – and ensure – the student’s path to college admission.
  • Giving students an edge: Participants can start college now – getting ahead of credits and becoming accustomed to the daily routines and realities of campus life.
  • Focusing on the individuals: The program will be tailored to address each student’s unique needs.
  • Availability of financing: We are working closely with state Vision Rehabilitation agencies to ensure the program qualifies for Pre-ETS funding through their agency. 

The first round of acceptances will be notified on March 1, for applications complete by February 15. The second round will be notified on April 1, for applications competed by March 15, and rolling admissions will follow. There is an open house about the program at Perkins on Saturday, March 4, 10-2pm.  

For more information, contact:

Tovah Miller

Director of College Success Program

Perkins School For The Blind

175 North Beacon Street

Watertown, MA 02472

(617) 972-7728