Important case for the disability rights community

A trial begins this week in an important case for the disability rights community. The case highlights the urgency of protecting the rights of disabled people to communication, self-determination, loving relationships, marriage, and equal treatment within the court system.  Read about it here:

If you live in the NJ / NY area, please attend to show support for disability rights.

The trial is going to be covered gavel to gavel by the Newark Star-Ledger. The coverage will appear online each day at (if the story doesn't show up on the home page, although it probably will, just search "Anna Stubblefield" on the site).

This is an opportunity to educate the wider public about rights to communication, self-determination, romantic relationships and marriage for people with disabilities. Furthermore, the way the court system has treated DMan--not giving him access to communication, however, allowing his family to exhibit him in the courtroom--really needs to be addressed by the disability community.

Here are instructions for attending the trial:

The trial will begin on Wednesday, September 9 at 9 am. It will continue each Tues., Wed., & Thurs. from 9 am to 4pm, and is expected to take at least five weeks. Court will NOT be held on Sept 15.

Just attending a day or two, or even just part of a day, is helpful. The courtroom is on the 9th floor of the Essex County Courthouse in Newark, NJ. It is the courtroom of Judge Siobhan Teare. Please sit only to the left as you enter the courtroom to show your support for Anna and/or for DMan's right to be heard. 

The address of the courthouse is:

50 W. Market St.

Newark, NJ

Parking in the courthouse lot costs $10 per day. There is free parking on the side streets surrounding the courthouse complex. 

For wheelchair accessible public transportation from NYC, take either NJ transit or PATH trains to Newark Penn Station. From there, take the Newark Light Rail to the Washington St. Station. When you come up to the street level, head west on Raymond Blvd. and go two blocks to Dr. MLK Blvd. Turn left and go a block to Market St. The courthouse complex will be on your right.