Introducing "Divas With Disabilities Project"


Divas with Disabilities Facebook Group Page was launched in 2012 by Donna R. Walton, EdD. Donna wanted to show that Diva and Disability can go together in a single person;  “with Divas, I wanted to reach out especially to women of color because of my own experiences as an African American woman living with a disability.”


To see more women of color with disabilities reflected in mass media.


Interview: "A Small Temporary Inconvenience"

An interview with filmmaker, Cleveland Bailey, Jr. on an upcoming feature film about black, disabled civil rights activist George Washington Eames, Jr. in Jim Crow Louisiana.

By Leroy Moore

Cleve Bailey has taken the story of his great uncle and aunt George and Kathy Eames and created a screenplay entitled: A Small Temporary Inconvenience which chronicles the lives of this interracial couple who dedicated their lives to Civil Rights Activism and fighting against racism in the Deep South.

Former Special Ed. Student Publishes Children’s Book

Image of "Nelson Beats The Odds" author, Ronnie Sidney II autographing his new book.“I want Nelson Beats The Odds to resonate with young people, particularly African American males and students with learning disabilities,” Sidney said, “I was in special education and I know exactly how it feels to be stigmatized and labeled.”

After spending seven years in remediation and special education, the last thing Ronnie Sidney, II, MSW thought he would become was an author.

A National Call for Minority Disability Legislation

Due to a wide array of disability issues that are unique to poor people and people of color it is important to establish legislation which require state agencies serving underrepresented disability communities to compile data and report to the stakeholders.

In January 2015 a New Jersey bill was signed into public law. For individuals interested in initiating a minority disability bill in their state, below are steps from implementation of the bill to passage of the public law.

Step 1 & 2

Tool Kit for Black Faith and Non-Profit Organizations

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