In 2016 two major reports were published on police brutality, disability and the media. Also, other reports were published on prison and people with disabilities.

The reports were promoted and funded by White disabled and non disabled authors from White organizations. Now mainstream media, for example, CNN are interviewing the authors of these reports about why Black/People of Color with disabilities are the demographic who make up these reports. 

There is a serious gap in journalism integrity when the conversations do not include the impact of institutional racism and f...read more

Disability Culture is not unlike Black Culture in that it is a widely-used concept to capture lifestyle that are caused or promoted by disability, where similarly Black Culture captures lifestyle that is unique to the Black experience. Disability cultures exist as communities of people around topics of disability and shared experiences. Steven Brown, in an academic study, wrote, "The existence of a disability culture is a relatively new and contested idea. Not surprising, perhaps, for a group that has long been described with terms like 'in-valid', 'impaired', 'limited', 'crippled', and so ...read more

A trial begins this week in an important case for the disability rights community. The case highlights the urgency of protecting the rights of disabled people to communication, self-determination, loving relationships, marriage, and equal treatment within the court system.  Read about it here: 


If you live in the NJ / NY area, please atten...read more


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