Black Disabled Research Study

Jasmine Gray (Jaz) is a doctoral student in the School of Journalism and Media at UNC Chapel Hill.

She is looking for disabled people of color open to allowing her to observe them on Zoom using a storytelling tool to reflect on their story and ask them questions about the experience using the tool as well as their general life experiences. I will also conduct a follow up interview later. The entire study should take two to five weeks total including the initial interview and observation and then a follow up interview. All identifying information will be kept confidential. The compensation is $100. $50 after the first Zoom session and $50 after the second.

"I am a researcher with a rare condition and severe facial difference. I have learned how important it is to make sense of my story. This tool has helped me and could help others. In order to know, we need others in our community to also try it out and let me know what they think. This tool will eventually be used to support disabled people of color across the country."

"I value the importance of understanding our stories, and I intend to show how we make sense of our own experiences in a way that honors our individual and collective journeys. I am relying on an advisor team of disabled people of color to provide feedback as I go through this study."

Six criteria for being involved:

(1) Self- identify as a disabled person, person with a disability, or person with a physical difference;

(2) Self- identify as a person of color;

(3) 18 years or older;

(4) United States citizen;

(5) Decision-making capacity/legal right to provide informed consent;

(6) Able to meet twice on a virtual platform (e.g. Zoom).


Please contact Jasmine Gray at:  [email protected]