NBDC Introduces Website Accessibility Testing

NBDC Introduces Website Accessibility Testing

The mission of NBDC is to make change through a combination of advocacy, legislation, and education. It is essential that blind and visually impaired individuals have the same access to information as everyone else.   It is because over the years NBDC has been asked to assist with website accessibility we are now offering technical assistance to individuals and organizations.   In the event that we determine a website is inaccessible in any way, NBDC will interface with the organization in order to bring it into compliance.   

Meet Sandra Sermons, Director of Accessibility Services

Sandra Sermons has devoted the past two decades to improving the lives of disabled people. Blind since birth, Sandra credits God and her mom for instilling in her courage and resourcefulness.  As a person who is blind, her primary challenge is accessing information.  At first, it was access to the printed word.  Today, it is access to electronic information.  There are many websites, apps, graphics… that simply do not work with screen readers.

Sandra believes that having a toolbox is the only way to effectively compete with sighted peers.  No one thing can replace the human eye.  Sandra is a proficient Braille reader and feels her strong Braille skills helped her through college and continue to allow her to do her job effectively.

Ms. Sermons is employed by the US federal government.  She is a member of the National Federation of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind.   Sandra has been a speaker and panelist on the topic of accessible information for many disability organizations.  Sandra is a world traveler and has taught blind and visually impaired children in the Czech Republic.

Ms. Sermons grew up in Florida and now resides in Maryland. She is the proud godmother of several children whom she mentors and enjoys spending her free time.  Ms. Sermons received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from American University in Washington, DC.