Profile - Dr. Donna R. Walton

Dr. Donna R. Walton, the author of Shattered Dreams, Broken Pieces, had dreams of international stardom. All it took was one diagnosis at the age of eighteen to turn her life upside down. Through the power of reinvention, Walton got her a new lease on life. Through thousands of hours working with other amputees, receiving national recognition from the National Disability Institute, and being featured on C-SPAN for her community-building projects surrounding the beauty of being a black woman with a disability, Donna has taken refuge in remembering if what you want isn't behind door number 1, door number 2, or door number 3, don't settle for less. Knock a hole in the wall and make a new door. Walton credits her unforeseen success through life's journey that asks the question, “what’s a leg got to do with it?” Her latest endeavor as the founder of the Divas with Disabilities Project has made an unprecedented impact in the disability and women of color communities as a hub for thoughtful discussion on issues, self-love, and showing up, unapologetically in all forms of media.