Red Cross center turns away disabled doner

 NBDC member, Scherrone Dunhamn, reported on Saturday, September 19th she visited the DC Red Cross to donate blood.  She was turned away because of her disability.  There were no questions regarding issues of health to determine if she had a health problem that would prevent her from donating.

What is important to note is that Scherrone has donated at least 10 times at that facility.  Clearly ableism does not always exist within organizations but sits within individuals in the organizations.

To further note, Scherrone is a wheelchair user who had her assistant with her to assist, if necessary, in the transfer to another chair.  Scherrone waited for over an hour for the facility to decide they would not accept her offer to donate blood.

Scherrone says her wish to donate blood comes from personal history as well as being a person with a disability who likes to contribute in ways that she can.