NBDC is the nation’s organization for all Black disabled people.  Membership and partners includes Black disabled organizations, disabled people, parents, family members, faith based, non-profits, and academic and policy leaders.

Founded in 1990, in response to the need for Black disabled people to organize around mutual concerns, NBDC is dedicated to examining and improving; community leadership, family inclusion, entrepreneurship, civil rights, service delivery systems, education and information and Black disabled identity and culture through the lenses of ableism and racism. Select here for welcome video.

"Thank you for your participation in the ADA 30 celebration, the conversation was rich and I was able to gain a greater understanding of the separation of Disabled and Black & Disabled.  I was one who, knowing the issues faced by race and discrimination, wanted to believe that disability is what ties us and we shouldn't separate.  But after yesterday, I gained a perspective that I understand but didn't want to believe.  Thank you."

                                                                                                                                   Lisa Franklin


Power To The People!

IRS Issues Final Rules For ABLE Accounts

Federal officials are firming up rules for a relatively new type of account that allows people with disabilities to save money without jeopardizing their government benefits.

The Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations this month spelling out details about how ABLE accounts should operate.

An Additional 13 Allege They Were Sexually Assaulted As Children By Devereux Staff

PHILADELPHIA — Thirteen people have come forward and alleged that they, too, were sexually assaulted as children while in the care of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

Of the 13, at least seven said they had complained to a Devereux staffer or social worker at the time, but their allegations were ignored and, in some cases, the abuse continued.

“It shows that this is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Robert Mongeluzzi, one of their lawyers. “We believe that more are going to come forward as the scope of this problem is peeled away.”

Margaret Battle Winchester, Blind Activist Passes at 100 years

At the age of 100, Mrs. Margaret Battle Winchester passed away peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones this past weekend. Selfishly, I am very sad and will miss one of my greatest role models dearly, but, I know she lived a wonderful life and helped so many people during her journey. Mrs. Winchester, who was the recipient of the CBVI Beacon Award in 2014, was born in Philadelphia on July 24, 1920 and was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 29. By then she had married and was living in Cumberland County. Relying on her inner qualities of  strength and determination, she continued to expertly manage her household and parenting responsibilities.

Beyond ‘Grading the States’ and Progressing Toward Decriminalizing Severe Mental Illness

By Elizabeth Hancq -- Yesterday, the Treatment Advocacy Center released a 2020 update to its landmark report, Grading the states: An analysis of involuntary psychiatric treatment laws. The report represents the results of Treatment Advocacy Center staff’s evaluation and grading of the involuntary treatment laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, updating state report cards with any changes to the state laws since the report’s original release in September 2018.  


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