A National Campaign for Minority Disability Legislation

Due to a wide array of disability issues that are unique to poor people and people of color it is important to establish legislation which require state agencies serving underrepresented disability communities to compile data and report to the stakeholders.

Most recently a New Jersey bill was signed into public law on January 29, 2015. This campaign needs your support. NBDC is seeking individuals who are interested in initiating a minority disability bill in their state. To assist you, below are steps from implementation of the bill to passage of the public law.

And yet again . . .

And yet again, recently I was informed by a disability stakeholder that all people with disabilities and families should be viewed with the same lens because of the commonality of disability.

It is because of the long established theory of intersectionality (1989) that disability stakeholders are irresponsible when they do not examine the relationship between disability oppression and race oppression.

Intersectionality teaches us that multiple forms of oppression do not act independently of one another. Instead these forms of oppression interrelate, creating a system of oppression that reflects the intersection of multiple forms of discrimination.

Jane Dunhamn

Analysis shows children & youth treated unfairly in New Jersey's adult prison system

Youth Suffer Long Term Solitary Confinement, Gross Racial & Ethnic Disparities, Justice by Geography, and Lack of Due Process

Elizabeth, New Jersey  A local study by the New Jersey Parents’ Caucus (NJPC) of 472 children and youth, ages 14 to 17, who were waived, sentenced and incarcerated in New Jersey’s adult prison system between 2007 – 2015, showed:

·  Gross racial and ethnic disparities: approximately 90% are youth of color; 72% are African American males.

Caregivers left my autistic sister in a hot van for over five hours

My family wants justice for Rebekah’s wrongful death. In Texas, only the victim’s spouse, children, or parents can file a wrongful death suit. The mentally disabled often outlive their parents and seldom do they have spouses or children, so in cases like ours, we are left without justice. This limitation discriminates against people with disabilities and their loved ones by blocking their ability to seek legal closure. The caregivers at Sean Ashley House left my sister in a hot van to die, yet under Texas law, my family has no standing to file a wrongful death suit. This is not right. 

"Professor, Do Your Homework"

National Council on Disability on Controversial Princeton Professor Peter Singer Interview advocating killing of disabled infants:

"Professor, Do Your Homework"
Independent Federal Agency Weighs In On Infanticide

On Sunday April 16, contentious Princeton Professor Peter Singer, once again argued that it is “reasonable” for the government or private insurance companies to deny treatment to infants with disabilities. Singer’s remarks were made on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” which is broadcast on New York’s AM 970 and Philadelphia 990 AM.

Creation of civilian complaint review board will bring needed oversight to Newark police | Opinion

By John L. Smith, guest columnist, Newark Star Ledger

March 29, 2015 - In my three decades as an officer with the Newark Police Department, I saw dramatic changes - good and bad. But in all my years in Newark, whether serving in the police department or in my current role as an academic and community activist, I have never seen as much potential for real, lasting reform.

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka's proposal to create a civilian complaint review board (CCRB) could be the most effective, groundbreaking board of its kind in the country, as long as the final product incorporates input from the community into its final plan, and empowers the CCRB to make discipline stick.

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