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Director's Desk

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We have missed you!

NBDC is happy that our new website is now available.

As with the rest of the world Covid impacted everyone and disproportionately the disability community. NBDC was hit hard by the loss our Communications Director, Estes Slade who is dearly missed.

On a personal note, my daughter Scherrone who most of you know, acquired Myasthenia Gravis from her first Covid vaccine 2 years ago. As a result, she retired from over 20 years of service with the US Department of Labor. I have been assisting with her retirement transition which also delayed getting the website up and running smoothly.

We are happy to announce Jackie Pilgrim is now the Communications Director.  She has done an excellent job with our new website. Over the next year we will continue to work to reestablish the important Resource page.  I also would like to thank Cheryl Greene for her access input. Enjoy the site and let us hear from you.

We wish you and yours love, peace and happiness.


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