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Donor Thank You Notes

  • Peace and love from a disabled ally in England --- Kaya​

  • Donation is from Maryellen Meeks, with the intention of supporting the National Black Disability Coalition Scholarship Program. --- Furlong Productions

  • In honor of Rachel Rickett’s mother. --- from Lauren Fogel Mersy

  • In fierce and loving memory of Suzette Lewis. Your daughter lives out your legacy day in and day out and is such a gift. Thank you for ushering Rachel into this world and protecting her with everything you had and have. --- Malori Holloman

  • From a white disabled person: thank y'all for all you do!! --- Elizabeth Parberry

  • For Rachel Ricketts in memory of her mom --- Claire Sandham

  • Rachel Ricketts sent me here! Please keep doing all the work that you do! You are amazing. --- Trisha Lai

  • Thank you to Rachel Ricketts for sharing the story of her late mother and encouraging us all to donate to the National Black Disability Coalition! --- Joseph Watson-Mackay

  • Donation made in honor of Ashley Wern

  • Langston Mayo: Blessings-Langston Mayo on the behalf of the Isolated Thoughts Podcast Listeners

  • Thank you for your work!  From a disabled white ally.  --- Maia ten Brink

  • On behalf of Aditi Mahapatra - an ally, an advocate, and an inspiration. 

  • Wonderful organization: thanks for all you do!  --- Gargi Patel

  • As a Black disabled person, I thank you for being an advocate for us.  --- Samuel Freeman

  • Thank you for your work.  --- Imani Scruggs

  • Celebrating all that disabled people do for our country.  --- Eduardo Figon

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