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Preparing Youth for the Future
Race & Justice
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NBDC ensures that Black disabled lives are a priority in all spaces.


We work to promote disability equity in the greater Black community.


By dismantling ableist beliefs and perceptions about disabled people, we believe we will fulfill our


vision of seeing Black disabled people participating as full members in our own communities.

A selfie of Estes Slade, a middle age Black man with a clean-shaven head and face and a beaming smile. He wears a green heather hoodie and glasses.

Black disabled students are less likely than their white counterparts to attend post secondary education.
The NBDC Estes Slade Scholarship helps to offset
disability-related expenses.

A view into the Stages of Freedom museum and gift shop in Rhode Island, a tall picture window framed by a grand arch. Printed on the window, the organization logo in white: “Stages” in all capital letters, beneath that five chain links, the middle one wrenched open, and below that, “of” and “Freedom” written in a splendid cursive. Inside, stacks of books arranged neatly on a table and a postcard rack by the window.

NBDC receives many inquiries from disabled people and family members who have no access to legal advice. The NBDC legal
Consult Program provides intake, assessment and guidance.


Self-Care & Instinctive Living

Healthy living with disability in a world that is driven by ableism, racism, isolation, and competition can be all encompassing. Self Care & Instinctive Living provides the opportunity to share lived experiences, and techniques for self-care and the ability to support others. It is a time for healing.

A space away from whiteness and ableism.

Here’s to being fully grounded and unshakeable.

A multi-media art piece featuring a photograph of a Black woman’s face in profile. Her eyes are closed, her look serene, hair pulled back and away from her face. Superimposed over most of the piece are swirls, lines, curves, and waves in watercolor. From the left, the paint begins tranquil, in soft blue-gray and teal. Then, the woman’s forehead, eyes, nose, lips, and chin are unpainted. Beginning at her hairline and cheek, and moving down and back, are darker clouds and curves of paint, many black, cobalt blue, fire engine red, and yellow-green, obscuring the back of her head. The colors sweep back, some bleeding across the canvas, some with lines sharper and more cleanly defined than at the front. Beyond her shoulder, colors like an ocean drift toward the edge of the frame.

Black Disabled Leadership

The curriculum is developed to promote a more accurate and complex understanding of

Black disabled people and our evolution and contributions to the United States. 

The training combines the flexibility of online training with instructor lead skills.

The training examines the history of disability, services, practices, public policies and government agencies with the intersection of the Black disabled experience.

A Black man with glasses stands at a podium giving a conference presentation. His fingers are wrapped around the edges of the podium.
A multi-racial group of conference attendees listen to a presenter with focused attention. One sits in a power wheelchair, while the others sit in the neat rows of conference center seating.

Participants become leaders who can train in the Black disabled experience. They are able to articulate the intersection of disability and the Black experience to both the Black and disabled communities.

Unify, Don't Divide 
Challenge of the work we must do.


The National Black Disability Coalition is a great resource that provides insight and focuses on the inclusion and intersectionality of individuals with disabilities. A BIG thank you, to Frank Latham, for providing a training on the importance of self-advocacy. Another BIG thank you to Jane who not only connected me with Frank but also provided ongoing support throughout the whole process. I look forward to gaining more knowledge through the NBDC."  (May 2024)

~ Asia Hardin, Integral Care, Texas Healthy Living For Everyone

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