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2023 Scholarship  Program Guidelines

The NBDC Estes Slade Memorial Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance and encouragement to Black disabled high school graduates in the pursuit of higher learning.

The scholarship program accepts applications from November 1st through March 15th from Black disabled high school students who will be graduating in the spring of the application year. APPLICATIONS EMAILED OR POSTMARKED AFTER MARCH 15, 2023, ARE INELIGIBLE.

The NBDC Scholarship Program is funded by donations from its members, supporters and other fundraising events.  The number of scholarships awarded is limited by the monies generated from these endeavors.

The 2023 award(s) will be distributed half in the first semester and additional half in the second semester contingent upon a first semester minimum GPA of 2.0.


  1. Applicant must have a disability and from a Black race group.

  2. Applicant must be graduating from an accredited secondary educational institution.

  3. Applicant must have applied for admission into at least one accredited institution of higher learning for the Fall 2023 school term and must provide institution’s information on application.

  4. Applicant must provide at least one recommendation from an official of current school, community organization, or church; or an employer. Send to after submitting online application.

  5. Applicant and parent/guardian signatures required.



  1. An essay written on one of the following topics:

  1. It is important for me to attend college because….

  2. My chosen field of study is_______ because________


Failure to address one of the specified topics disqualifies essay.  The essay should be from 350 to 500 words, typed and double spaced.  At the end of the essay, record “Word Count” and the number of words generated by PC Tools/Word Count.  Points will be deducted for an essay less than 350 or more than 500 words or not double-spaced.  Essay will be rated on content, depth, grammar, organization, and originality. Send to after submitting online application.

Describe need for disability related expenses. Send to after submitting online application.

  1. Official cumulative GPA on the Certification of Academic Standing Form, including grades for ninth grade through semester ending in January 2023. 



The Scholarship Committee hopes you will find these tips useful in completing your application and other documents.

  • Read all instructions and related information thoroughly.

  • If you have any questions, request clarification at

  • Follow All instructions to the letter. Complete all fields on the application form.

  • Do not wait until the “last minute” before the deadline to prepare your application and/or to request documents needed from others (e.g., certifications, recommendations).  Some unexpected event may occur at the “last minute” which will prevent you from completing and/or mailing your application on time.  Prior to the deadline, follow-up with persons providing certifications, recommendations, etc.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the application package is complete and on time.  This includes certifications and recommendations sent directly by a school or others. NBDC will not notify applicants when items are missing.  Applications with items missing after the deadline has passed are considered incomplete.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered or acknowledged.

  • Use spelling and grammar check and word count tools on the computer and/or have someone proofread your essay.

  • Be sure your name or specified means of identification is on each page submitted.

  • Again, make sure your application is complete.


For additional information and questions, contact:

       RECIPIENTS            GUIDELINES          APPLICATION          
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